Code of Business Ethics

The NongHyup Financial Group Code of Business Ethics.

  • NongHyup Financial Group is a proud cooperative financial group which has contributed to the advancement of the agriculture industry and agricultural villages by offering efficient financial services.
  • Building on such accomplishments, NongHyup Financial Group confidently and proudly aspires to become Asia’s best global cooperative financial group, built upon the love and trust of farmers and customers through ethical management and a compliance program.
  • For this, NongHyup Financial Group will make its best efforts to accomplish its mission based on creative thinking and challenger spirit, to handle tasks in a honest and fair manner based on high standards of ethics, and to build a sound corporate culture by combating corruption.
  • NongHyup Financial Group will offer top quality products and services to farmers and customers and put its customer-first policy into action by delivering satisfaction to farmers and other customers, and creating value in new ways.
  • NongHyup Financial Group will comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, respect the order of free competition, and build cooperative relationships with all the stakeholders to pursue mutual prosperity.
  • NongHyup Financial Group will make efforts to improve the wellness and quality of life of its members by respecting the personalities of every individual employee and executive, treating them fairly and offering them fair opportunities and evaluations.
  • As a part of this society, NongHyup Financial Group will take an active part in the promotion of the public good and will contribute to social and national development by continuously creating value.
  • NongHyup Financial Group will do its best to hand down a pristine natural environment to later generations by respecting life and taking the initiative in environmental protection.