NH Capital



March 9, 2007
Lee, Koo Chan
Largest shareholder
NongHyup Financial Group (100%)
NongHyup Capital Bldg. 27-8, Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07332 Korea



NH Capital is a credit-specialized financial company and offering comprehensive financial services including financing, mortgages, personal lines of credit, corporate finances, real estate finances and new technology finances since its incorporation into the NACF as a financial subsidiary in July 2008.
It is poised to grow into a well-established capital firm by achieving economies of scale with a focus on the creation of new growth engines, including the lease financing market . At the same time, it will grow into a extra stable capital firm by achieving qualitative and substantial growth by strengthening its business management systems including risk management and ethical management.
NH Capital creates value for its customers through creativity and trust, and will continue to offer top-tier financial services with an unwavering focus on customers.

Key Milestones

2007. 03
Established Clarion Mortagage(KRW 300 million in capital)
2007. 04
Renamed Finanstar
2007. 05
Capital increased by 19.7 billion won (to a total capital of 20 billion won)
2007. 06
Registered a personal line of credit business (financing and new technology finance) with the FSS
2007. 06
Commenced services
2007. 12
Acquired Korea Central Mortgage
2008. 06
Increased capital by KRW 26.5 billion (to KRW 46.5 billion), changed the largest shareholder to NACF
2008. 06
Largest shareholder changed (The NACF)
2008. 07
Renamed NH Capital
2008. 07
Registered as a designated institution for handling foreign exchange services
2008. 09
Acquired a credit rating (corporate bond rating of A-)
2009. 09
Increased capital by exercising convertible rights(by KRW 16 billion, NACF)
2009. 12
Credit rating raised from A- to A
2010. 03
Launched auto finance instruments
2010. 04
Launched personal line of credit instruments
2011. 04
Surpassed KRW 1 trillion in total assets
2012. 03
Changed name to NH Capital
2012. 09
Registered as equipment rental business(Financial Supervisory Service)
2012. 10
Credit rating raised from A to A+
2012. 11
Increased capital by issuing new shares worth KRW 50 billion(to KRW 91.4 billion in capital)
2013. 01
Raised the equity ownership of Nonghyup Financial Group to 100%(previously 89.78%)
2013. 05
Launched stock loan products
2014. 04
Inscreased capital by issuing new shares(by KRW 70 billion to KRW 133.5 billion)
2014. 08
Surpassed KRW 2 trillion in operating assets
2015. 05
Launched new car-backed products
2016. 03
Inscreased capital by issuing new shares(by KRW 50 billion to KRW 160.2 billion)