NH-Amundi Asset Management

NH-Amundi Asset Management


January 28, 2003
Park, Kyu Hee
Largest shareholder
Nonghyup Financial Group (60%), Amundi ( 40%)
10F, NongHyup Bldg. Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil 2, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07330 Korea


Park, Kyu Hee

The brands of Nonghyup Financial Group and Amundi Asset Management, one of the global top 10 asset management companies, are more than sufficient to reflect the value of this company.

NH-Amundi Asset Management has established its status as the country’s number one asset management company based on Nonghyup Financial Group’s sales network and Amundi’s global network.

The business philosophy of NH-Amundi Asset Management is fully assuming its role as a prudent manager of its customers’ assets.
Its ultimate goal is not to be a company with a multiplicity of products and the highest returns, but a company that meets customers’ investment targets by safely managing their assets within the scope of defined risks. We pledge to become the best partner for our customers’ successful investment.

Key Milestones

2003. 01
Company established as a joint venture between the NACF and Amundi of France
※ Amundi : An asset management subsidiary of Credit Agricole of France,
name changed from CAAM to Amundi in 2010. 01
2003. 03
Acquired approval from the FSC for investment trust management
2003. 04
Commenced business and created company’s 1st fund
2003. 05
Assets under management surpassed the 1 trillion-Won mark
2007. 08
Changed name to NH-CA Asset-Management
2008. 05
Assets under management surpassed the I0 trillion won mark
2009. 03
Assets under management surpassed the 12 trillion won mark
2010. 01
Amundi asset management relaunched with capital contribution of Credit Agricole and Societe Generale
2010. 01
The Financial Supervisory Service selected,
1.5 Leverage Index awarded 2009 Best New Finance Product Award
2011. 03
Asian Investor selected, Korea Award for Best Socially Responsible Investment Fund
2015. 05
Assets under management surpassed the 22 trillion won mark
2015. 05
Customer-loving brand Awards 2015 ‘Best asset management house’
2015. 09
Asian Investor Korea Awards 2015 ‘Best fund house for FI’
2015. 11
2015 Herald Fund Awards ‘Best domestic fund(small&mid cap)
2015. 11
2015 Korea Stock Awards ‘Best Fund house for Pension Fund, Fund manager of the year’
2016. 05
Changed company name to NH-Amundi Asset Management
2016. 05
Asset under management surpassed the 30 trillion won mark
2016. 06
The Asian Investor Korea Award 2016 selected,
"Best On-shore Mid-Small Cap" provider