Business Strategies

Step-by-Step Development Strategy

STEP1. Securing competitiveness in structural businesses
. Accomplishing a successful transition to and early stabilization of a financial group system
. Strengthening capabilities of key early-stage business drivers such as banking and insurance
. Rising as a green-thinking financial specialist with a focus on agricultural finance
. Maximizing group-wide business values and building a foundation for future growth
STEP2. Balancing growth between business lines
. Maximizing synergy between group organizations and business lines
. Mutual growth between banking and non-banking sectors
. Securing a stable profit structure and strengthening comprehensive financial group leadership
STEP3. Becoming a global cooperative financial group
. Consolidating our status as our country’s leading financial company
and expanding overseas operations
. Expanding our global network and exploring new growth engines
. Establishing our identity as Asia’s best cooperative financial group